A unique learning experience

OPIT degrees place a strong emphasis on building competencies through hands-on learning and real-world applications, by leveraging great learning content accessible on our Apps, exceptional professors, daily support and a strong student community.

Designed for online delivery from the start

Study anywhere

Through synchronous and asynchronous digital settings, you will access top-notch education and learn at your own pace regardless of your situation or location.

Personal Support on a daily basis

Our approach and support can be tailored to your specific learning journey. Teaching tutors are available around the clock to make sure you are always on track.


There are no final exams as our competency-based teaching focuses on your development as you progress and acquire new skills and competences.

OPIT's Cutting Edge Learning Management System

With an intuitive interface and powerful learning analytics, the platform fosters engagement, promotes active learning, and enables immersive experiences.

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Your weekly schedule


Study when and where you want

Video lectures, assessments, quizzes and slides are divided up into manageable chunks for easy learning. The content is delivered in 1.5 hours of asynchronous content weekly for each course.


Connect LIVE or watch later

A 1.5-hour live session per course led by professors and industry professionals is scheduled at 3 PM CET during the week. All lessons will be recorded and are always accessible on the LMS and APP.


Chat online and brainstorm

You can complete the tasks with the support of the Teaching Assistants, who are available to you around the clock. You can interact with your lecturers and other students via Canvas and the internal chat.


Work together with your classmates

There are two to four assessments during the term for each course instead of a final exam. With the help of the APP, due projects, simulations, and assignments will be readily managed from a distance.

An app just for you

No matter if you choose to study during the weekends, after work, or even without a set timetable, Canvas LMS will be accessible 24/7 using a desktop computer or a mobile device. You can submit assignments, take part in LIVE lessons and discussions, access course calendars, To Do items, notifications, and Conversations messages, as well as browse course materials.

An empowering faculty

Our emphasis is on quality, innovation and continuous learning. We carefully select professors who put the professional success of their students first.

Prof. Lorenzo Livi
Prof. Lorenzo Livi Program Head & Associate Professor @ OPIT

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