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Embark on your career journey at OPIT, where we bring students, alumni, and employers together to meet unique needs. Our dedicated Career Services provide comprehensive support for your professional goals.

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Tech degrees open doors to dynamic careers, providing valuable skills for a fast-changing job market. The OPIT Career Services team guides students with tools, training, and expert advice, assisting decisions for their future. We support students in making crucial decisions and foster networking opportunities with companies.
Mike has over a decade of experience working with individuals at all stages of their career journey. By focusing on what really matters to both job seekers and employers, he gives people the support they need to land the right job for them!
Mike McCulloch
Mike McCulloch
Head of Career Services

Career Services

Everything you need to make your career goals happen.
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At OPIT, you'll engage with professors and industry professionals dedicated to shaping your career trajectory.
John Loewen
United States 🇺🇸
Paco Awissi
Canada 🇨🇦
Alexiei Dingli
Malta 🇲🇹
My journey at OPIT began as I was looking to make a career change. I was working as a software developer in a multinational bank with exposure to its data science team and decided that that was the career path I wanted to pursue, as I feel that AI and data science will be a huge field in the years to come. I was looking for a course that was flexible in terms of learning hours and remote study and I feel that OPIT is great for that. The professors have great experience in the industry and incorporate the latest technology and best practices into their courses, and are very helpful if you encounter any issues.
I couldn't be happier with the choice of starting the OPIT MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, here goes the reason why: apart from being structured in a very smart way that you feel you're really progressing on a weekly basis, the Professors are very much prepared to connect the content with the real world and to connect the content in between all subjects as well. I have a background in Economics and have been working in the digital products industry since 2018, but just now I feel that I am finally able to put everything together and cover some lack of knowledge that I haven't ever even wondered I had.
I have been enthusiastic about the OPIT MSc in Computer Science since day one. The faculty is highly impressive, and daily interaction with them is invaluable. Additionally, my colleagues come from diverse backgrounds, which creates an even more enriching environment. The technical and applied aspects related to coding, algorithms, and modeling are precisely what I was looking for.
Embarking on OPIT MSc in Data Science and AI is revolutionizing my perspectives. The program is broadening my approach to my fields of expertise, as I explore the vast potential of AI and data analytics with the guidance of renowned industry professionals and academic experts.

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